7:30 PM

Astra Honda Motor achieve

MANUFACTURER Honda motorcycles, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as if the award endless. Starting from your favorite motorcycle until the best design. Including awards from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) for modification of motorcycle racing activities.
Records from Muri provided to AHM as contest organizers modification with the highest number of motorcycles, namely 1,000 units during the year 2010. This award was received by AHM on the sidelines of the final Honda Otocontest 2010 which coincided with the implementation of the final series of Honda Racing Championship (HRC 2010) in Kenjeran Park, Surat, on Sunday (11/07/2010).
"AHM try to give a channel for young children who like lifestye express through modification, "said Corporate Communication PT AHM Ahmad Muhibbudin, in a written message on Monday (8/11/2010).
He added, Honda Otocontest a cooperation between PT AHM with tabloid Ototrend.
11:38 PM

Honda Motor Matik PCX Elegant in Premium Class

Matic motor incursions in Indonesian motorcycle market seemed unstoppable again. That woman really is, that young children are also available, some are cepet, slang, etc.. Today, Honda also introduced a premium aka matic matic motor that puts luxury, high-tech comfort reaching its end. His name is Honda PCX (Personal Comfort Xaloon), which has worldwide since first released in Thailand last year.

After Japan and Europe, Indonesia became the fourth motorcycle market had a big body and officially launched Wednesday, June 16 yesterday. The price, waw! USD 32 million.
11:33 PM

What's New From Honda Refreshment Launches Blade and CS1

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in the year 2010 was re-launched its newest product. This time the company launched the Honda Blade with a new look that makes it look more sporty to meet consumer desires. Trend growth motorcycle market, followed by intense competition in the segment cub <125cc in which this segment is one of the potential market is filled by young people who want a bike with a sporty appearance. Especially in the segment cub <125cc, until August 2010 Honda managed to dominate 47.5% of national motorcycle market.
11:29 PM

Facelift New Yamaha Scorpio

After since 2006 when first launched there was no significant change in the Yamaha Scorpio, PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) finally launched the new Scorpio with a full view on every part of his body. Only the engine alone, 225 cc which is maintained for the motor with a new title Z's New Scorpio.

With the change in body design from front to stern, making the motor sport and cruiser-style it look fuller and fresher. "We still maintain the 225 cc engine Scorpio, because we assess these machines are still capable.
11:26 PM

Honda CBR 250 R After Thailand and India.

Honda shows enthusiasm working on high cc sport bike market. Motor legendary named CBR also gets knocked on high power with a number of changes in class. After the CBR 150, which changed to look more beautiful, Honda on Wednesday, October 27, the re-launch the king thereof with brad CBR 250. PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) itself was very important to welcome the birth of a new generation of its motor sport that appears ciamik this. This company officials present in Bangkok with bringing dozens of Indonesian journalists to witness these brand-new motor sport.
11:20 PM

New megapro best Choice Automotive Motor Journalist

In the middle of mat Jakarta Motorcycle Show Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, interesting news comes from a collection of automotive journalists who are members of Forwot (Automotive Journalists Forum.) Cool, like his colleagues in foreign countries, Indonesian journalists also make the best motor selection. Friday (5 / 11), Honda New megapro Forwot named as persons with IRC-FORWOT Motorcycle of the Year 2010 (IRC-FORWOT MOTY).
11:13 PM

Selling Good , Scoopy production levels increased

Honda Scoopy's presence beyond expectations. Initially, it presented a modern retro bike to meet a handful of enthusiasts of retro style in Indonesia. However, in the course of time, many people enjoyed the display scooter. As a result, the list is fairly high motor indent. PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) claimed to be at a loss to production.